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DiRx Health

"Affordable Medicine for All"
Project 09

DiRx Health

DiRx is an emerging online pharmacy created to deliver low-cost, FDA-approved medicines right to your door, with no insurance needed.

Working hand-in-hand with marketing and operations, I was hired to oversee the development of the entire brand experience for both Consumer and Healthcare partnership markets.

As a start-up in the space with fierce competition from much bigger players, creating a compelling brand voice and image were crucial to DiRx's success.

The brand was built from the ground up, starting with a deep dive into demographics and personas and moving into messaging and testing. At that point, I brought in and managed a team of creative professionals to work together to bring the DiRx brand vision to life in time for our August 2021 launch. Website and App UX/UI, brand identity, packaging, advertising, illustration, photography, and social marketing all needed to be developed and refined before going to market.

I leveraged my relationships with vendors to ensure our packaging and media needs were ready for launch.

  • Client: DiRx
  • Role: Creative Direction, Conceptualization, Brand guidelines, Messaging, Web UX/UI, Social media content, Packaging, Photography, Illustration

Metropolitan College of New York

"Accelerate Your Future" Campaign
Project 08

MCNY's "Accelerate Your Future" Campaign

Wben the Metropolitan College of New York needed help boosting their student inqueries, my team and I answered the call with one of their most successful campaigns to date. "Accelerate Your Future" is in its 3rd year of promoting the college and all it has to offer. The school focuses on "purpose-driven" students returning to school after having had experience in the workforce, mothers who took time off to raise their children and now want to return to get a better position, and students who just want to make a difference to their communities.

One of the key differentiators for MCNY is how quickly you can earn a degree and get back out into the world. The "Accelerate Your Future" showcases real students and alumni who are making a difference. We shot all the photography and video for the campaign in and around the Manhattan and Bronx campuses and built a myriad of assets to support a cohesive campaign including 30 second spots that aired on local cable channels.

  • Client: MCNY
  • Role: Creative Direction, Conceptualization, Video and Photography direction, Digital and OOH layout

Disney/Eli Lilly Partnership

Entertaining and educating kids with diabetes
Project 03

Disney/Eli Lilly Partnership

Imagine being 7 years old and being told that you have to take injections, 3 or more times a day, for the rest of your life just so you can feel normal? Thats what life is like for kids with Type 1 Diabetes.

Eli Lilly, trailblazer in the field of diabetes care, and Disney formed a partnership to help kids with diabetes feel like kids again. I have had the good fortune of working with the amazing folks at Disney and Lilly to help bring their collaboration to life. Disney created a character named CoCo, a monkey who has type 1 diabetes. Together we created a world of exclusive content for kids with diabetes and their families, including children's books, great web content on Disney's family.com site about diabetes care, and a fun matching game that allowed kids to match cards and win a potato sack race with their favorite Disney character, all the while learning some great tips about diabetes care, like "Wear your diabetes bracelet" and "Remember to check your blood sugar".

Along with designing much of the content that was part of the initial introduction, I also designed the convention space for the public announcement of the partnership in Orlando, FL, which now resides in the Eli Lilly offices in Indianapolis, IN.

You can learn more about the Lilly/Disney Collaboration by following THIS LINK

  • Client: Disney, Eli Lilly
  • Role: Art Direction, Concept, Design, UX/UI development

Eli Lilly "Glucagon"

iPhone app for Type 1 Diabetes
Project 02

Eli Lilly "Glucagon" App for iPhone

This iPhone app, the first of its kind and produced for Eli Lilly, is a tool designed to take the fear out of what is traditionally a very frightening experience for diabetes sufferers. Through repetition and education, this app can be a life-saving device for those who are in need.

My partner and I painstakingly built out the UX/UI, and tweaked the app over many rounds of review with medical regulatory advisors. We did research and tested the functionality with real diabetes patients. The final result: a truly valuable tool for people with Type 1 diabetes that gives them and their loved ones just a little more peace of mind.

You can download the app by going to THIS LINK

  • Client: Eli Lilly, GreyNY
  • Role: Art Direction, Conceptualization, UX/UI development


Integrated Marketing Plan to Introduce Rioja Wines to North America
Project 10

"True Rioja"

Wine lovers know a good thing when they drink it. The wines from the Rioja region of northern Spain already had a strong following among wine enthusiasts in the states for both its craftsmanship and tradition, as well as its great price point. We put an integrated marketing plan in place to increase shelf space, turn enthusiasts into advocates and get the word out about the incredible quality and variety found in the wines of Rioja.

Educate consumers and the trade about the great value and artisenal tradition of Rioja wines. Cultivate enthusiasm around Rioja wines so enthusiasts could become evangelists. Personify Rioja wines so consumers see that Rioja wines are drinkable, approachable and fun.
The brand was brought to life through a multi-channel initiative that included all new branding, POS, trade website, television, social media, media relations, trade events, and marketing automation

The result: Exponential increase in coverage and awareness in US and Canada, significantly increased sales and trade outlet awareness, and an explosion of social media content. We were even featured as the destination on THE BACHELORETTE in the 2018 season, filmed entirely on location in Rioja, Spain.

  • Client: Rioja Wines of Spain
  • Role: Creative Direction, Conceptualization, Strategy, Branding


A cohesive vision aligning Trintech's suite of products
Project 11

Trintech Rebrand

TRINTECH, global leaders in financial close software, already had a winning lineup of incredible products and services, but lacked a brand vision to match. The biggest challenge was creating a modern and cohesive identity while simultaneously creating clear divisions between product lines that can be instantly recognized by target consumers.

We created a whole new branding program, built from the ground up: the overarching TRINTCH brand, the ADRA product suite and CADENCY enterprise suites each brought to life with new logos, color palettes and imagery envisioned to provide each suite its own easily recognizable identity. The newly defined brand guidelines and messaging we created served to inform the development of all creative assets for each product line, including all new websites, animated videos showcasing the products' features, presentation templates, sales documents, e-books, digital banners, and posters to name a few.

The result is the rollout of an entirely new brand family, each with its own clearly defined personality, messaging and visual language that completely transforms TRINTECH and its marketing strategy.

  • Client: Trintech
  • Role: Creative Direction, Conceptualization, Design

BioPQQ from Mitsubishi

"Trust the Best for your Brain" Brand Product Launch
Project 12

BioPQQ from Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Chemical of Japan was launching a new supplement in the US market to support brain health, called BioPQQ.

Studies show that BioPQQ supports cognitive health by promoting nerve growth factor in the brain. The US launch required a full branding exploration, including messaging, photography, and design for trade and exhibition assets.

The result is the "Trust the Best for your Brain" campaign, a visually compelling brand story that helped Mitsubishi Chemical define the BioPQQ supplement as the category leader.

  • Client: Mitsubishi Chemical
  • Role: Creative Direction, Conceptualization, Branding

Campbells Soup "15 Minutes of Fame"

Integrated social campaign
Project 01

Campbells Soup "15 Minutes of Fame"

One of my most successful campaigns to date, the Campbells Soup "15 Minutes of Fame" Facebook app was a hit with Warhol fans and Campbells soup lovers everywhere.

With the approach of the 50th Anniversary of Warhol's iconic soup can paintings, Campbells wanted to do something to commemorate the event. The "15 minutes" app allowed Facebook fans to "Warhol" their favorite photo and share it on Pinterest or with Facebook friends. We also took advantage of a relationship that Campbells had with Target to produce limited edition printed Warhol soup cans to coincide with the launch of the app.

The result was a huge viral hit with consumers, getting a ton of buzz on AdWeek, Creativity Online and PSFK. The labels were talked about on Gawker, BuzzFeed,USA Today, and Fox News

  • Client: Campbells Soup
  • Role: Creative Direction, Conceptualization

CHUKKA Caribbean Adventures

"It's Time to Play" campaign
Project 13

CHUKKA Caribbean Adventures

CHUKKA has been operating adventure tours throughout Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, and Belize for over 30 years, providing tourists as well as locals with an opportunity to reconnect with nature and create memories to last a lifetime.

We revealed the "It's Time to Play" campaign with an installation at the Montego Bay airport, showcasing the fun and excitement of a Caribbean adventure tour for newcomers and return visitors alike.

The campaign includes Out of Home, print and digital advertising, and website updates to incorporate the "It's Time to Play" tagline and logo.

  • Client: Chukka Caribbean Adventures
  • Role: Creative Direction, Conceptualization, Design, Copywriting


"Now THAT's a Healthy Mouth!"
Integrated global campaign
Project 06

Aquafresh/GSK "Now THAT's a Healthy Mouth!"

Everyone knows Aquafresh toothpaste, but it has lagged behind Crest and Colgate since its introduction in 1973. GlaxoSmithKline charged us with moving the needle by redefining Aquafresh on two levels: Clinically and Emotionally. On the clinical side, we introduced beneficial data about the brand that most consumers would not be aware of. At the same time we wanted to add a lighthearted, emotional layer to both win over new users and reaffirm Aquafresh's place with its consumer base. We created "Now THAT's a healthy mouth!" A fun multichannel campaign for the global market that included print and television work.

  • Client: GSK
  • Role: Creative Direction, Conceptualization, Design

Sierra Mist/Pepsico

"Eating Together ('Comer Juntos')" recipe sharing app
Project 07

Sierra Mist "Eating Together"

Sierra Mist wanted a unique way to engage its growing fan base within the hispanic market, without the usual hard sell. We got chef Aaron Sanchez to come up with some great recipes that include Sierra Mist--everything from drinks to entrees to desserts! We filmed him in english and spanish making each recipe.

We took all this great content and built an amazing app on the Sierra Mist Facebook page where fans could watch the videos, share the recipes across social media platforms, comment in english or spanish and even download PDFs of each unique recipe! It was a huge viral success for the brand and a great example of building a relationship with consumers that goes well beyond a sales pitch.

Check out the Sierra Mist Facebook page by following THIS LINK

  • Client: Sierra Mist/Pepsico
  • Role: Creative Direction, UX, Conceptualization

NBC Universal "Share-a-Tree" Program

Integrated social campaign
Project 01b

NBC Universal "Share-a-Tree" Program

Each year, NBC erects the iconic Rockefeller Christmas Tree in New York City. The towering staple represents the start of the holiday season to many individuals across the country and across the globe. As a way to give back to the environment that provided the colossal spruce, NBC Universal partnered with the National Arbor Day Foundation to plant one million trees in its place. The organizations sought to utilize a digital approach to spread the word and reach their goal.

My team and I developed a custom holiday card creator that allowed users to upload their image, add text, and share with friends and family. Every action taken with the application equaled one tree planted.

The result: 33,000 were pledged to be planted each day, totaling over 1 million trees overall during the length of the campaign, proving online green movements can be incredibly impactful.

  • Client: NBC Universal
  • Role: Creative Direction, Conceptualization

Brew Over Ice/Green Mountain Coffee

"Tumbler Nation" social sweepstakes app
Project 09

Brew Over Ice "Tumbler Nation"

Green Mountain Coffee introduced a new brand called "Brew Over Ice", a great new way to brew ICED beverages right from your Keurig "K" cup coffee brewer. The product was a hit with some fans in the community, but GMC really wanted to get the word out. They also wanted to promote a new giveaway: beautiful plastic tumblers you can use to brew your iced beverages.

We took advantage of the loyal social community that GMC had and created "Tumbler Nation". A unique social app that allowed fans to get a passport, sign up for a free tumbler and become a citizen of Tumbler Nation. They could vote and interact with fellow citizens, run for office and even win prizes like free coffee for a year. The grand prize? a trip to Iceland (get it? :)). This was a mega-hit for the brand, with over 120K fans within the first 48 hours of launch. It was also a cross media hit, as fans built their Tumbler Nation passports and shared them across the social spectrum, including a big showing on Pinterest

Check out the Brew Over Ice Tumbler Nation page by following THIS LINK

  • Client: Brew Over Ice/Green Mountain Coffee
  • Role: Creative Direction, UX, Conceptualization

DelMonte Foods "Flavor BOOM! Game"

Introducing new flavors to fans through
a social gaming app on Facebook
Project 04

DelMonte Foods "Flavor BOOM! Game"

DelMonte was introducing 2 new fruit cups to their line: Pear Vanilla Spice and Apple Pear with Caramel. We came up with this fun game to help introduce the new flavors to consumers through the DelMonte Facebook fan page.

Players had to fill their empty cups with all the nutritious things that go into DelMonte products, without hitting the "junk food". The more cups you filled, the higher the score. Challenge your friends to beat you or post your score on Pinterest or Twitter! The result was a successful, viral, gamified campaign that was an instant hit with DelMonte fans.

Play it yourself by following THIS LINK

  • Client: DelMonte Foods
  • Role: Creative Direction, Conceptualization, Development

Grown-up Soda

Full brand creative development across channels
Project 05

Grown-up Soda

Grown-up Soda or simply "GuS" has been my baby since it was introduced way back in 2003. Its a 100% Natural, Not Too Sweet soda that has grown from a small, local NYC venture into an international sleeper hit among carbonated beverages. We started in a couple of shops in midtown. Celebrity chefs like Thomas Keller and Charlie Trotter started pairing GuS with dishes as an alternative to wine, and suddenly everyone wanted to try our unique soda line. We went national a few years back and now we are in Europe and Asia with no end in sight!

I'm responsible for all creative, everything from packgaging to photography to social media; even giving the product line unique, artisenal names. No one knew what a Meyer lemon was until we added them to our line, now they're everywhere in the culinary world!

Visit the GuS website by following THIS LINK

  • Client: Utmost Brands, inc.
  • Role: Creative Direction, Design, Photography, Community Management

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